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Hospital-grade, non-phenolic benzalkonium chloride Disinfectant Spray(Alcohol-free ingredient), effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including COVID-19, MRSA and many others.

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Disinfectant spray is effective against the coronavirus?

Since the coronavirus became a threat, many people are doing a much deeper cleaning in their home: they spray and clean almost everything in sight,
especially surfaces with which they have a lot of contact,
such as knobs the doors and the water faucets.

However, many of us are used to giving the surface a quick spray,
followed by one or two strokes with a cloth, which may not allow enough time
for the product to take effect. In addition, it is very confusing when we
begin to read the labels of cleaning products well. Many clients have pointed
out that disinfectant cleaners that are sprayed on then wipe clean have
different instructions on the labels regarding how long the product must be
left on to actually kill germs, ranging from thirty seconds to four minutes
or more. even up to ten. Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting.
Dirt can interfere with disinfecting substances and for this reason
you should always clean first.

How long does a disinfectant need to stay on a surface to kill germs?

We may need to leave the disinfectant on the surface we are cleaning for much
longer than we think.”The longer it stays in contact with the surface, the better!”
What I’ve been doing at home with an aerosol product is wait about a minute and then wipe it off.

Check the label to find out how long it is recommended to wait with each specific
product. Instructions may recommend a contact time ranging from 30 seconds to
several minutes before cleaning. A true disinfectant is a product that kills or
inactivates both bacteria and viruses that are specified on the label.

Why does the label say that the surface must be cleaned before using a Antibacterial spray ?
Do you really have to clean twice? If the surface is full of crumbs, grime, or spilled
food, then we do need to clean up the debris and grime before using any disinfectant.

Benzalkonium chloride disinfectant is the best safe sanitizing spray

Non-flammable, Non-toxic, Non-irritating, widely used in Human body, pet, fruits,
vegetables and etc. Recognized as Class A1 safe disinfectant by WHO!


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