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Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel


OPS provided 75% alcohol based sanitizer and alcohol free hand sanitizer to kills 99.99% of germs without soap & water, helping reduce the risk of bacteria and infections. Stay healthy and use as often as needed. 100ML & 500ML is perfect travel Size hand sanitizer!

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The most effective hand sanitizing gels to prevent coronavirus

We are looking for effective disinfectant gels to fight bacteria and more specifically to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus. And it is that Antibacterial hand gel were never as sought after as now in the days in which the coronavirus has claimed lives and infections. Faced with this panic situation, we are taking extreme hygiene measures and we are facing a situation in which there is no one who does not carry a disinfectant gel (in addition to the mask) in their bag if it has not been exhausted at the pharmacy.

You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands. The virus is transmitted mainly through the respiratory route, but it can also enter our body through these areas and therefore, we must avoid touching them with hands that have been in contact with contaminated surfaces.

There are many measures we take to avoid any risk to prevent contracting the disease. In this sense, hand washing and the use of alcohol based sanitizers are useful if done well. Following the WHO recommendations, we should wash our hands with soap and water long enough (between 40 and 60 seconds), washing between the fingers, etc. As Felipe Martín, from the Galileo 61 pharmacy recommends, “the most important thing is to have very good hygiene and use sanitizer gel in case of being exposed to people at risk, and it is essential to wash your hands frequently and at least 5 times a day with plenty of water ”

These Hydroalcoholic gels clean your hands, disinfect them and do not irritate your skin!

As the pharmacist assures us, “hand sanitizing gels are effective if they contain a dose greater than 70 percent alcohol, and they are especially useful if you work in healthcare settings such as a hospital, a pharmacy or a primary care center since being in constant contact with people at risk is a quick way to wash your hands and eliminate possible bacteria. ” OPS Instant hand sanitizer enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe vera with moisturizers to keep your hands soft and moisturized even after many uses. Perfect for dry skin, will make your hands feel smooth and fresh.


Weight 13.50 kg
Dimensions 54.50 × 37.0 × 17.50 cm

17.50 cm


0.035 m3

G.W / N.W

15.0 / 13.5 kgs

20GP Loading

126 bottles / carton 720 cartons/ 20GP
660 cartons with pallet


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